Brighton Park at Greenbrier

Brighton Park at Greenbrier

Thank You, Phil!

Phil Piccini, our president, announced his resignation effective 28 Feb. He plans to spend more time with his family in the months to come. We would like to thank him for his leadership and service to the Brighton Park community and wish him all the best in his future adventures! 

If you have the interest to serve on our Board or one of the Committees, please log in and complete an application!

Welcome, New Leadership Team Members!

Susan has joined the Leadership Team on the Social Committee, Mitul has joined the Information Committee, and Simone has joined the Modernization Committee! We are excited to welcome these talented individuals to the team and leverage their passion in our community. 

Push to Refresh Fences, Doors, and Hardware

The community is currently going through a refresh of our painted and stained elements. 

Please be aware that you may continue to see members of the leadership team performing routine inspections on the landscaping, and during this refresh, fences, doors, and hardware. 

The fence stain is Sherwin Williams SW3005 Navajo White.

If your door is green, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6180 Oakmoss. If it’s blue, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6222 Riverway. If it’s black, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6258 Tricorn Black. If it’s red, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6328 Fireweed. More colors can be found using the original build sheet

If you would like to replace your door hardware, you can use Kwikset Shelburne Satin Nickel Single Cylinder Door Handleset with Tustin Door Lever Featuring SmartKey Security, which can be found at /hardware.

Board Update

Remember to pick up after your pet. This keeps our community sanitary and neat, as well as shows courtesy to your neighbors. In addition, all pets must be on a leash as per City code. One final housekeeping item, please report to John any car that does not have current license plates on property. Our rules were updated in May of this year to allow those vehicles to be towed. 

Attend the January Meeting

If you would like to attend the January Board Meeting and earn 100 points, please register at /meeting! 

Grounds Update

Horizon Grounds Management has provided the community with a projected service schedule. You may review it at /grounds! 

Budget and Modernization Plan Update

As you may have already heard, next year’s monthly dues have been adjusted more than normal. One of the more significant line items has been the 17% increase in our water bills. The Association did an admirable job managing other costs in 2021 in order to keep our water bills paid, but this was at the expense of many maintenance items. In addition to the increases in utilities, and expected increases in utilities in 2022, all other available funds were used in the restoration of the pools. We do not expect additional pool maintenance in 2022, but we are planning to replace five of the most deteriorated roofs that have seen perennial repairs over the last couple of years. To do this, instead of a special assessment or a loan facility that would encumber the Association, we are going to use $100k from our existing reserves and repay those accounts on a monthly basis using our dues. We plan to continue tackling the roofing project in this manner until we are able to replace all 60 roofs on an as-needed basis in the following years. 

The modernization project will eventually see the restoration of all of our buildings. In the meantime, we should maintain a long-term mindset as we see work going on in various areas. We are attempting to use funds where they are needed most, with the expectation that funds will be available to solve future problems when they occur. 

Even at $240/month, our monthly fees are lower than any other condominium association in our area, a mission the Board takes very seriously to ensure continued affordability for all our residents. We have reviewed fluctuations in income for both the workforce and those in their retirement years, and have looked multiple times at each general ledger line item to ensure we can realistically address needs in the most cost-conscious way possible. None of us have the ability to solve inflation, fluctuations in raw materials, or the availability of labor. But, we can all work together to address issues when they occur. 

Rules & Regs Changes

Patio umbrellas were approved at the April Board meeting. Residents are welcomed to use them without filing an ARB! Just be sure to secure them at night and during weather events for the safety of those around your unit. 

Also approved at the meeting was new guidance for replacement sliding glass doors. If you need to replace yours, go here: /door

Residents may now install black rubber edging designed to keep mulch in flower beds. The edging may be placed in beds directly adjacent to a resident’s unit. This new guidance was approved at the July Board meeting. 

CFM is using ComWebPortal now to manage our financial accounts. This gives residents visibility to their assessment account, and greater visibility to CFM and the Board to manage delinquency and Association spend. Use /pay

Y Benefit

The Y has activated the Brighton Park group rate. Use /Y to register