Brighton Park at Greenbrier

Brighton Park at Greenbrier

Updated Format to the Board Meetings

The Board has reviewed and approved a suggestion to allow two-minute periods for each resident to verbally clarify or ask questions of the board during the homeowner’s forum part of a board meeting. This change will be on a trial basis. The Board asks that questions still be submitted in advance so any research can be done. The resident who submitted the question will have two minutes to speak if they need to ask for clarification on a response. If it works well, the Board will keep the new format. Board members also have limits on speaking so meetings have a reasonable time frame. If the two minutes aren’t respected, the Association can always go back to more limited verbal opportunities. Either way, the chat is available for further questions and a request to speak.

Attend the March Board Meeting!

The March Board Meeting will be held in person on the second Wednesday of this month, March 8th, at 6 pm. 

Special thank you to the Real Estate Group for hosting! We hope to see everyone at the meeting, being held at 1112 Eden Way N, Chesapeake, VA 23320. 

We have had increased attendance at our board meetings. That is great and we welcome all the participation! In an effort to give all the homeowners an equal amount of time to speak, we are asking questions for the homeowner’s forum to be submitted to our Community Manager ([email protected]) before the meeting. That way we can have an answer ready for you. If you send questions the night before a meeting, John can’t promise a solution, but he will do his best to make sure you have one. 


A quick reminder – though we enjoy our FB posts, remember that official policy is not created on FB. Also, though the Board may update our Rules & Regulations from time to time to meet the needs of the community, our By-laws remain unchanged from what was filed to the state. To change By-laws requires a 2/3rds vote from members.

Brighton Park Invites You...

Our community is led by a team of Brighton Park Community Members who volunteer to serve on Committees or on the Board  and given professional direction by Community First Management (CFM). Our Leadership team has openings that can be filled by any of the 240 homeowners and is now accepting applications. As owners, we are all Members of the Homeowners Association (HOA) and have access to make suggestions and requests of the Association. The decision to implement falls on the Board and CFM and takes into account available funding, the reserve study, sustainment, authority, and overall need. It’s a big neighborhood, almost like a small town and everyone plays a role in its smooth operation! 

Please volunteer your time and work with your neighbors to make Brighton Park the best community possible. Login to apply, under the “Forms” tab! 

Pool Season

Our pools are closed and will reopen for the 2023 pool season next May.

Condo Fee Study

Every year as we start the budget process in the summer, we review what other similar and not-so-similar condo complexes in our area are charging per unit for their monthly dues and we work hard to make sure our budget arrives on a monthly number that is below the average.

Our dues are based on our budget and the unique challenges and opportunities we share as a community. If you would like to review this summer’s document, you can here

Push to Refresh Fences, Doors, and Hardware

The community is currently going through a refresh of our painted and stained elements. 

Please be aware that you may continue to see members of the leadership team performing routine inspections on the landscaping, and during this refresh, fences, doors, and hardware. 

The fence stain is Sherwin Williams SW3005 Navajo White.

If your door is green, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6180 Oakmoss. If it’s blue, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6222 Riverway. If it’s black, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6258 Tricorn Black. If it’s red, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6328 Fireweed. More colors can be found using the original build sheet

If you would like to replace your door hardware, you can use Kwikset Shelburne Satin Nickel Single Cylinder Door Handleset with Tustin Door Lever Featuring SmartKey Security, which can be found at /hardware. HINT: You can also try cleaning your current hardware! Use a gentle scrubbing pad and you may be able to bring out the shine. 

Grounds Update

Horizon Grounds Management has provided the community with a projected service schedule. You may review it at /grounds!